About Us

Don’t be intimidated by the blog’s name: ŚDM od kuchni. It’s pronounced like this “esh de em od koohny” but don’t worry if you can’t say it correctly. Why we chose the name is more important.

ŚDM od kuchni” literally translates to “WYD from the kitchen” and in Polish it is used as a metaphor to describe the behind the scenes of an event.

That’s what we aim to do with this blog. Get closer to the action with a click of a button. We’ll present an all-access, backstage pass to World Youth Days in Warsaw.

Through videos, podcasts, interactive multimedia,  we invite you to the kitchen of World Youth days where great things happen.

Our reporters and volunteers will cover every inch of Warsaw and we’ll be right there, delivering you the most up-to-date sneak peak into the preparations, local activities and events.

The video series “A Day with a Volunteer”profiles of our volunteers and presents a wide range of personalities, characters, interests, and passions that we gathered around our “kitchen.”

Through graphics and interactive multimedia, we’ll break down numbers with easy-to-read graphics and diagrams.

The kitchen is a place where life unfolds; it’s the heart of the family. That is a our blog. We invite you to take a seat and join us.

We would like to encourage you to be part of our team of “chefs”. If you have an idea on how to show volunteering and participants’ preparations in interesting way, contact us: sdmodkuchni@gmail.com